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Career Corner
Top 10 Reasons Why Bands Make It

(By Richard Morales)
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Here we list the top ten reasons why bands make it and succeed in today's music business: 

1 – Productive Rehearsals 

Rehearsals are vital in the lifetime of a band and those who make the best of them are usually in advantage. Whether it’s preparing your recordings, your show line up or just practicing to keep the pace steady, rehearsing is very important. 

2 – Play Live Often 

Bands that don't play often usually fall into the boredom of the studio and rehearsing rooms, be sure to book gigs on a regular schedule, it is rewarding and motivating for everyone. 

3 – Democratic Leadership 

Lots of bands have leaders, some don't. Choose the style you prefer but be aware that in all cases a band decision is just not the leaders' opinion. Being democratic about the decisions and taking note of everyone's musical opinions is half the way to success (and to avoiding break ups!) 

4 – Ego Management 

It's not rare that someone has a crazy behavior in your band: arriving late to rehearsals or sound-checks, trying to force their musical ideas, etc, that isn’t reason enough to let that person go. Try reasoning with all the band's members: explaining how important it is to “calm” your egos and be responsible. 

5 – Promotion 

Advertisement and spreading the word about your music is by far one of the top priorities in any musical marketing plan. If you're not signed to a label you'll have plenty of work to be done by yourself.  Be sure to use all the tools available in today’s technologies: internet (myspace, wikipedia, emails, etc.) and also the old tools: radio, TV, journals, flyers, and so on. 

6 – Strong Fan Base 

Also an aspect of major importance is starting up a steady fan base (even if it's just online, connected through your website or myspace) it will be very rewarding. People are the best means of advertising your band.  They tell their friends and spread your music through out the internet. Also it's very important to get feedback from your closes fans, about the concerts, the albums, the songs on myspace, and even about the drummers' haircut!

7 – Innovative Content 

A band similar to another is a mere clone of the music industry, usually that leads to nowhere. Don't mimic what you see and hear. Put your original ideas on the paper (score) and transform them into your unique way of singing/playing/writing. That's the biggest step for success! 

8 – Different Image/Posture, But Be Yourself! 

Being different is always a strong point, just as we saw above. But you can be different in many ways: your style, your way of playing, even the setup or effects that you use on the stage, the top thing is being yourself, no matter of what that means.   

9 – Good Money Management 

Handling the financial aspect is crucial (or else you know!) so be sure that you have someone trustworthy taking care of it. Also be democratic about splitting the band's money and listen to everyone when it's time to invest it.  

10 – Pursuance of Success, Strong Ambition 

Even if everything goes wrong several times, you cannot quit. If you have a dream, a vision then you must go after it. Believing in yourself and in your project goals is the best you can do at all times. (Also have fun with it!)

Updated: June 28, 2008

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