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Starving for Gravity the Melodic Rock group out of Orange County, Ca has been one of our favorite bands since they first began rehearsing at Hothouse Studios and lit up the place. Now  Lucas (vocals), Brad (guitars), Dee (bass), Richard (keys) and Mark (drums) have been voted one of the Top 100 Best Unsigned Bands […]

Strengthen the Family Unit with Music Rehearsals

There is something special when families use our rehearsal space to practice their music, have fun and at the same time strengthen the ties of their family unit.  What a cool thing to be part of that. The Abellera family and Hothouse Studios has been building our relationship, since we opened the studio doors 7 […]

Messenger Live at the Sunset Room

I had an amazing experience Thursday night.  I went to watch Messenger, one of our favorite bands that rehearses’ here, perform at a restaurant/bar called the Sunset Room in Hacienda Heights.  I had a blast! Messenger’s two hour set began with Melinda solo on acoustic guitar performing original material and covering some of her favorite […]

Its Casual has been using Hothouse Rehearsal Studios since we opened our doors back in 2003.  It has been our pleasure to watch Eddie and Wal grow from an indie band to a signed recording artist.  Now world famous video director Robert Schober pka (professionally known as) Roboshobo who is known for his work on […]

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting the rehearsals for singer entertainer Jennifer Day’s upcoming concert May 7th, 2009.   The rehearsals have been astounding and the live show is going to be HOT! Jennifer hosts a Live Call-In TV Show called JENNIFER DAY TV at her very own theater in Sherman Oaks, California . She sings […]

We know its’ hard making ends meet these day, we buy gas too. That’s why we’re making a difference here at HotHouseStudios.com.  We want help pay for the gas it takes you to get to rehearsals.  This month 6.08 we’re giving away a $50 Gas Card to a lucky subscriber of our Music Hot Sheet.  […]

Hot Sheet Vol. 2 No. 3 June 2008 Hothouse Happenings The benefits of using the Hothouse Rehearsal facility are expanding. Studio M is presently being built and the Auditorium is being built to the same specifications (slightly smaller) as the studio the Nine Inch Nails rehearse in. With the addition of studio M, we’ll now […]

Continuing the discussion on the importance of a Band Bio we’ve posted part 2 of the “Band Bio: Getting Started on the Right Foot” to the Career Corner in Your Band ToolBox. We introduce the “Fact Sheet” as a tool to help you outline the key parts of your Band Bio.  Read it here. Want […]

It seems one of the last things a band thinks about is writing their Band bio.  But a Band Bio can be one of the most valuable tools you have for entrance into the world of music.  From experience I have found that a well written, informative bio will get me interested in a band […]

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