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The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts Congregate at Hothouse Rehearsal Studios

A special thanks to Jeff Floro of The.Flo.Guitar.Enthusiasts Joe Mazzeo, of the Grumps, Henry Cendejas, and JimmyRay Hawkins for bringing all the gear and playing on our video. You guys are the best. Joe built a custom switch for us to change speakers at a moment’s notice, besides putting all those speakers in all those […]

Joven Calingo Fannatic Magazine Cover Photo Shoot with Destiny Monique

Our good friend Joven Calingo, a talented photographer and owner of Fotoconcerto was commissioned to shoot the cover of the May 2011 issue of Fannatic Magazine.  Joven a man of many talents, (he plays drums too) has been immersed into photography for 2 years and this is a nice reward for his efforts.  His photos […]

Let’s go all the way back to the academic definition of music rehearsal first: “Rehearsing a musical composition often involves repeating some passages over and over again until everyone in the ensemble (band or group of musicians) masters them.” Well that’s the core of rehearsing, its main foundation… the one that no matter what, you […]

This holiday season all of us here at Hothouse Studios want to celebrate and share our peace and joy with everyone by wishing you and all those you love the greatest holiday season ever, full of good cheer and thanksgiving. We are thankful to all of you who supported us throughout the year and made […]

On Camera Rehearsal If you are familiar with the Movie School of Rock, you can imagine how an on camera rehearsal could benefit a band.  This type of rehearsal is pre-planned, with someone bringing in the video camera.  If possible, a TV should be brought in as well to watch the video right afterwards.  What […]

Happy Thanksgiving to You from Hothouse Studios

Giving thanks is good for your health. Decades of research has shown that adults, who feel gratitude more often, have better social connections, optimism, and energy. On this Thanksgiving Day we take time to appreciate all of the good things we have in life. With our sincere gratitude we thank all of you, the incredible […]

Strengthen the Family Unit with Music Rehearsals

There is something special when families use our rehearsal space to practice their music, have fun and at the same time strengthen the ties of their family unit.  What a cool thing to be part of that. The Abellera family and Hothouse Studios has been building our relationship, since we opened the studio doors 7 […]

Ambrosia Rehearsals

Friday, Ambrosia locked out “the auditorium” and it was like a bit of heaven dropped by for the day.  The guys showed up for rehearsal one at a time which was perfect, cause I got to personally greet Shem, David, Burleigh, Chris, Joe and Doug as they arrived.  They were all so gracious and welcomed […]

Brazilian Street Carnaval holds Rehearsals at Hothouse Studios

Final rehearsals for the Brazilian Street Carnaval were held yesterday in the auditorium and the studio was overflowing with rhythm and energy. The drum beats and the dancing is infectious and it spilt over into all the rehearsals here at the studio. Everyone was coming and going with a little dance in their step and […]

Hothouse Studios Review Response

This is a call to the community of musicians who call Hothouse Studios their “music home”. Recently a review was posted on the Google Reviews site about the way Hothouse conducts itself. All the accusations are flat out false, and we know that if you have interacted with the Hothouse on any level you would […]

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