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Let’s go all the way back to the academic definition of music rehearsal first: “Rehearsing a musical composition often involves repeating some passages over and over again until everyone in the ensemble (band or group of musicians) masters them.” Well that’s the core of rehearsing, its main foundation… the one that no matter what, you […]

On Camera Rehearsal If you are familiar with the Movie School of Rock, you can imagine how an on camera rehearsal could benefit a band.  This type of rehearsal is pre-planned, with someone bringing in the video camera.  If possible, a TV should be brought in as well to watch the video right afterwards.  What […]

Performance Rehearsal Your band has lined up a gig, thankfully with plenty of notice and time to promote.  You realize you have plenty of songs to choose from; more songs than you are going to be allotted time for.  What do you do?  You should plan on making most of the rehearsals before your show […]

Rehearsal Tips in the Hothouse Band Toolbox

Every day at the Hothouse rehearsal studios, bands are rehearsing for their upcoming shows or working on new material for their next recording.  Frankly, there is a cost in time and money, invested into each of your rehearsals and at Hothouse Studios we want to help you get the most out of your valuable time […]

Keep Your Band Focused and Creative During Rehearsals

As you might expect we get a lot of questions about how to rehearse, how to record, how to get gigs and so on.  Those questions were the reason why we built the band toolbox for you guys.    In this world of DIY we continue writing articles about the questions and inquiries you have […]

Productive Band Practice & Rehearsal Tips | Part 2

Rehearsals form the basis upon which all the band members can mature and congeal their qualities, making themselves more suitable and unique in the glare of the performance spotlight. The better the members integrate and collaborate during the rehearsals, the better will be the chemistry of the band as a whole. Always remember that this […]

Rehearsals are essentially the means for getting your focus onto your goals to materialize the dreams of being an eminent stage performer of international repute. But as a musician, when the hell did you start reading about these boring anecdotes and mysteries of glorified glamour!   It’s high time that we spice up your rehearsal […]

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