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Hothouse Rehearsal Studios Honored with Best of 2012 Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hothouse Rehearsal Studios Receives 2012 Best of Santa Fe Springs Award Santa Fe Springs Award Program Honors the Achievement SANTA FE SPRINGS October 26, 2012 — Hothouse Rehearsal Studios has been selected for the 2012 Best of Santa Fe Springs Award in the Recording & Rehearsal Studios category by the Santa Fe […]

The Beach Boys – Tour Rehearsals

The Beach Boys at CenterStaging during their 50th Anniversary tour rehearsals.  If the rehearsal studio looks familiar… well it’s because Studio 1 and Studio M here at Hothouse Studios were built by the same construction company using the same materials and specifications as the world class studios at CenterStaging.  You know how we operate at […]

On November 26th, 2011 a group of musicians got together at Hot House Studios to jam, talk gear, and test out their latest in amps, pedals and guitars. Some of the songs played were: Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones, Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, and Changes. The Flo Guitar Enthusiasts is a worldwide […]

How to Book College Gigs

College gigs are the stepping stones to the bigger scene. However, if you talk to a few people who have followed this path, they will eagerly tell you what a painful process it is. It is true that booking college gigs can be painful sometimes, but not if you follow the guidelines given below. The […]

Let’s go all the way back to the academic definition of music rehearsal first: “Rehearsing a musical composition often involves repeating some passages over and over again until everyone in the ensemble (band or group of musicians) masters them.” Well that’s the core of rehearsing, its main foundation… the one that no matter what, you […]

On Camera Rehearsal If you are familiar with the Movie School of Rock, you can imagine how an on camera rehearsal could benefit a band.  This type of rehearsal is pre-planned, with someone bringing in the video camera.  If possible, a TV should be brought in as well to watch the video right afterwards.  What […]

Ambrosia Rehearsals

Friday, Ambrosia locked out “the auditorium” and it was like a bit of heaven dropped by for the day.  The guys showed up for rehearsal one at a time which was perfect, cause I got to personally greet Shem, David, Burleigh, Chris, Joe and Doug as they arrived.  They were all so gracious and welcomed […]

Alex Lopez the drummer with Suicide Silence put out this instructional (drum lesson) video to show his fellow drummers hit by hit how to play the bands song “Wake Up” from Suicide Silence’s second album No Time to Bleed.  This video shoot was commissioned by Modern Drummer Magazine and was shot in studio one here at […]

Performance Rehearsal Your band has lined up a gig, thankfully with plenty of notice and time to promote.  You realize you have plenty of songs to choose from; more songs than you are going to be allotted time for.  What do you do?  You should plan on making most of the rehearsals before your show […]

Did you know that a part of the band toolbox is a national rehearsal and recording directory?  Why we’ve created this local and national listing of rehearsal studios grows from our desire here at Hothouse Studios to be of service to the music community.  It’s not about us…It’s about you and we understand that at […]

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