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There are approximately 19,372.3 different ways to use effects within a guitar rig. You can use inbuilt amp effects like tremolo and reverb. External pedals like wah-wahs and overdrives. Little units that actually plug directly into your guitar. Effects racks. Multi-effect floorboards. Even an iPad can be used in line with the rest of your gear to provide effects or even synth sounds. But there’s one particular method which is preferred by many pro players, yet it’s relatively unknown and definitely under-utilized by the average shredder in the street: the ‘Wet-Dry-Wet’ rig.

Put simply, this is a rig using one unaffected mono signal along with a stereo effect chain feeding its own speakers. The idea is that your spatial effects like delay and reverb, (and sometimes modulation effects like chorus and flanger) can live in their own stereo rig while the unaffected guitar gets its own speaker. Aside from adding quite literally three-dimensional depth to your tone, it also gives you unprecedented clarity because the effects aren’t all being crammed through a single amplifier and competing with the dry sound. This is especially a concern with effects like delay and reverb, where their detail can be smeared and mushed up in a mono rig.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this, and the pros often do so with elaborate buffered, power-conditioned, mega-thousand-dollar-costing rigs. If you have the budget, go nuts! A common way to do it is to plug your guitar into your amp, send the amp signal to a splitter/dummy load and into separate power amps – one for the dry guitar feeding a ‘dry only’ speaker cabinet, and another into a stereo effect unit or ten, then into a stereo power amp to drive the ‘wet’ speakers.

There’s a much cheaper way which may not give you quite the fidelity of a full pro-assembled rig but it’ll get you pretty close: a stereo combo amp with a stereo effects loop. There are plenty of these on the market, especially used solid state or hybrid tube/solid state amps from the ‘90s. And it’s not much different to using a regular effect loop. Just plug a cable into your main amp’s effect send, hook up some stereo effects, then send the outputs of the last effect into the effect return of the stereo combo. Your dry sound will continue to be sent through your regular amp but the effects will go through the combo. You may or may not need a ground loop eliminator if you happen to get some hum, and it’s a good idea to use a filtered power supply for your effects. But once you’ve laid the ground work this can be a very effective technique.

A few tips:

* Use a delay that allows you to turn the dry sound all the way down. That way you won’t get weird phase cancellation issues between the dry and effect speakers.

* Some effects should remain a part of your dry amp’s signal chain: overdrive, fuzz, distortion, tremolo, wah-wah and octave pedals are particularly suited to being a part of your main sound rather than a parallel effect.

* Some effects like phasers and flangers will be more pronounced when used in a wet-dry-wet rig because their swooshy character will contrast with the dry sound.

* You can even get creative with the stereo signal chain and use one speaker for delay and the other for reverb. Or, for a classic ‘80s hard rock delay sound, try two or three slapback repeats at around 40ms delay time in one speaker and a couple of longer repeats in eighth notes in the other speaker.

* Most harmonizers give you the ability to send separate harmonies to different outputs.

* If chorus makes you feel a little queasy through a wet-dry-wet rig, try the Eddie Van Halen trick of using a stereo pitch shift effect (harmonizers are capable of this) with one voice shifted just a few cents higher than the dry note, and the other voice set just a bit lower. You’ll get a broad, rich multi-voice sound that doesn’t waver in the way the chorus does.

* Take advantage of stereo pan effects and subtle tremolo!

* Use an expression or volume pedal to fade the effects signal in and out as needed. This can really add drama to a solo or a particular part of a song.

The only real problem with running a wet-dry-wet amp rig is that it can be hard to go back to a regular mono effects setup!


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No More Lies on Soul Train

Michel’le Toussaint (born 1970), is an R&B vocalist of mixed Louisiana Creole heritage.  Michel’le was one of the more interesting R&B singers of the late 80s and early 90s. The Los Angeles native was known for having a squeaky, high-pitched speaking voice and an aggressive, full-bodied soulful voice. She was the female vocalist on the song by the Hip-Hop/Electro/R&B group World Class Wreckin’ Crew, ‘Turn Off The Lights’ in 1987.

Michel’le was originally signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records. In 1989, she released her self-titled debut album, produced entirely by then-boyfriend Dr. Dre. The album contained “No More Lies” and the hit singles “Nicety” and “Something in My Heart.” Michel’le sold 2.7 million copies worldwide.

She was also featured in the West Coast All-Stars anti-violence song, ‘We’re All In The Same Gang’ in 1990.

Warm Thank You’s to Michel’le, Cedric Lilly and the guys in the band for bringing your true spirits and beautiful music to the studio.  Your vibrations ride on.

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Sir Paul McCartney has poked fun at the curfew controversy which ended his encore showdown with Bruce Springsteen in London last weekend by bringing rehearsals for the Olympics to an abrupt end.

The former Beatle has posted a new video on YouTube.com featuring the set up for the rehearsals at a secret location.

Appearing excited that his London Games opening ceremony spectacular is just a week away, McCartney introduces a slice of what he and his band might play – counting in a rendition of I Saw Her Standing There.

The rocker gets through the first verse of the song when the power appears to stop the band in its tracks.

Looking mystified, McCartney yells, “Who pulled the plug?”

The star’s encore performance with Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park last Saturday ended abruptly when concert organisers pulled the plug after the two stars sailed past the venue’s strict end time.

Springsteen poked fun at the curfew calamity earlier this week when he took to the stage at Dublin’s RDS Arena in Ireland on Tuesday and switched a huge fake generator back to ‘on’, before launching into the final minute of Twist And Shout – the track he failed to finish in London with McCartney.

He then held up a placard with the message “Only the Boss says when to pull the plug”.

Hothouse Rehearsal Studios 11823 Slauson Ave., Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

Just as the band had promised, No Doubt, one of the biggest bands of the nineties, is undoubtedly back as they release a brand new track called ‘Settle Down.’

The new song serves as the lead single of their upcoming album, ‘Push and Shove.’ The single runs for six minutes and categorized as upbeat. Many critics say that it will be a smash comeback hit for the band as it carries a catchy tune that will sound familiar to all of their fans.

There were interesting comments done by prime magazines and sites in the industry like the following:

Time Magazine says, “will be happy to see that the band looks pretty much as if the aughts never happened – they’ve hardly aged! they dress the same! – and, better yet, that they haven’t tried to mess with their signature sound.”

Billboard on No Doubt’s front lady, Gwen Stefani, “pitch-perfect howls … layered over horns and pulsating drum beats as ‘Settle Down’ quickly finds a reggae groove and sticks with it for six minutes.”

MTV on the single says,”classic No Doubt, and sticks closely to the formula that made the band one of the biggest of the late ’90s and early aughts,” specifically the group’s “signature ska sound.”

The music video of this budding hit was made under the direction of Sophie Muller, who also was the previous director of the band’s previous single videos such as ‘Simple Kind of Life’ and ‘Don’t Speak.’

According to Muller, the video will show all the band members serving as truck drivers who are all headed for a grand reunion party. Muller shared with the Rolling Stone that the melody and video have a party vibe to it but its lyrics do not fall under a similar genre.

‘Push and Shove’ is the first record that No Doubt has done after 11 long years and it is set to be officially released by September 25.

One of their members even tweeted a picture of the band rehearsing together again after they have long been living their own lives for more than a decade.

Hothouse Studios  11823 Slauson Ave. Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

The Beach Boys at CenterStaging during their 50th Anniversary tour rehearsals.  If the rehearsal studio looks familiar… well it’s because Studio 1 and Studio M here at Hothouse Studios were built by the same construction company using the same materials and specifications as the world class studios at CenterStaging.  You know how we operate at Hothouse Studios the best for our artist at a fair rate.

In a few months Hothouse Rehearsal Studios will be in operation 9 years.  Ask anyone that uses our facility and they’ll tell you we’ve keep our side of the bargain of having the studios clean, fully operational*, ready for you at the time you reserved, with a staff glad and willing to assist and serve you.  We’ve create an atmosphere that the artist tell us is conducive to productive band rehearsals.  Come on in and find out first hand why Hothouse Studios is “Where Music Grows”

*When we say operational we mean the guitar amps have their footswitches and are working to spec. No blown out bass amp speakers.  A drum kit and hardware that isn’t falling apart and is all there and tuned.  With a set of cymbals that aren’t all destroyed (ride, hi-hats, 16” and 18” crashes).  A sound system with no blown out speakers, powered by 800 watt amps with a mixing board and microphones.

Hothouse Studios 11823 Slauson Ave. Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

The end of June we hosted a video shoot for our dear friend Ro Reyes and his production company LA Style Productions. LA Style Productions is well equipped and specializes in Weddings, Debut, Quineañera, and special events. But they are not limited to these types of services. As you can see from the music video they shot here in studio 1, LASP is capable of shooting and editing your next music video.

Click here to learn more about LA Style Productions.
You can see more of LASP’s video work at their YouTube profile here.

Ro wrote: “”Waiting”
Recorded at LA Style Productions
Filmed on Location at HOT HOUSE Studios
in Sante Fe Springs, California USA.
Special thanks to Richard Hothousestudios Morales
for the support.
Lyrics by: Ro Reyes
Music by – Joe Alfaro
Video: Director – Ro Reyes
Producers – Rowena Infante Reyes & Ro Reyes
DP – Jeff Dolante
Cameraman – Dan Pasamonte
Production Assistant – Trixie Corpus
Extra Camera work – Rowena Infante Reyes
Drummer – DJ Wapcharle
Bassist – Jeff Dolante
Guitarist – Jet Lopez
Presented by LA Style Productions.
Copyright 2012.”

Hothouse Studios 11823 Slauson Ave. Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

“God bless America. Land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her, Through the night with the light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the ocean, white with foam. God bless America! My home, sweet home, God bless America! My home, sweet home.” Author: Irving Berlin

Very Inspirational…Blessed Art Thou, O Lord, Our God, King of the Universe who brought forth America.

Hothouse Rehearsal Studios 11823 Slauson Ave., Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670

The World Famous Beat Junkies are celebrating their 20 Year Anniversary & will be embarking on a World Tour to celebrate. Their first show will be in their hometown of Los Angeles at The Echoplex – Saturday, June 30th.

This is a special one because most of the whole Beat Junkie crew will be in attendance: J.Rocc, Rhettmatic, Melo-D, Babu, Shortkut, Mr. Choc, D-Styles, Curse, Icy Ice, Havik, & Tommy Gun., along with special guests: The Visionaries, Supernatural, & more special guest TBA. Hosted by Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples.

This special event is sponsored by Rane, LRG, Serato, Aerial7, Stokyo, Jetpack/Orbit Concepts, & more to be announced.

Saturday – June 30th
The Echoplex
1154 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90026
Pre-Sale Tickets – $15 Tickets at Door – $20


Over the past few weeks the guys have been locked down in rehearsals here at the studio and it’s been great to see old friends from the days back at Capitol Records.  Based on the rehearsals the show will be knocking down the walls.

Rehearsals for the epic rock opera by the brilliantly twisted late, great Kevin Gilbert called “The Shaming of the True” started on Wednesday (May 30, 2012) and continued for two days of intense practice. This full-scale theatrical production is being directed by Mark Hornsby (Rewiring Genesis) and Nick D’Virgilio who also is featured in the starring role as Johnny Virgil. The band is comprised of musicians that all performed with Kevin at some point in his career. They are:

Stan Cotey – Guitar (Giraffe) Dave Kerzner – Keys (Thud) Paul Ill – Bass (Kaviar) Brian MacLeod – Drums – (Toy Matinee, Tuesday Night Music Club, Thud, Shaming, Kaviar) Plus Special Surprise Guests

“Shaming” was something that Kevin worked on off and on for years throughout his career. NDV who had been intimately involved in many aspects of the project decided to complete it for him following his untimely tragic passing, and the finished product was this brilliant piece of work. It was performed live only once in 2002 at ProgWest. It had been recorded for a live release, but due to glitches in the recording it was never released. This time it will be recorded digitally for a DVD/CD production, and there will be no “glitches”!

Shaming of the True Live Saturday June 2, 2012 – 8:00pm
The Shannon Center for the Performing Arts at Whittier College (seats 400)
Tickets go on sale now only at
Please do not call the theater
$80 – Orchestra
$70 – Mezzanine and Balcony

Don’t miss this!

THE STORY The album follows the career of a singer/musician named Johnny Virgil, which follows an arc common to many big rock and roll bands/stars. It starts out promisingly, but he is lured into the common trap of record-company exploitation and seduced by fame and drugs/alcohol. He becomes more and more burned out and withdrawn as his career becomes larger than life, feeling like he’s losing touch with his humanity, until the whole thing culminates in a breakdown. He goes through a period of disillusionment and depression but eventually makes peace with himself. A number of clues (last song title, lyric “End of a long days life,” reprise of train whistle in distance, etc..) may also indicate that Johnny dies penniless on the street or takes his own life.

Hothouse Rehearsal Studios wants to thank everyone involved in the production rehearsals, with special thanks to Jim Harrel of Cal Prog, Mark Hornsby (Rewiring Genesis) and Nick D’Virgilio for their continued support.

Sax and the City

It was such a pleasure hosting the rehearsals for the super group “Sax and the City”.

Jessy J, Marion Meadows and Paul Taylor team up for what is being called the Contemporary jazz Tour of the season.”

Jessy infuses her spicy sax with two of the most recognized sax voices in the business…Paul Taylor and Marion Meadows.  This dynamic trio is joined by pianist, vocalist virtuoso, Joe McBride.

For more information about the “Sax and the City” tour click here.


They had the studio buzzing with the kind of music everyone enjoys.  Thanks guys.

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Rehearsal Experience
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“Where Music Grows”

Hothouse Rehearsal Studios, 11823 Slauson Ave., Unit 41, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, USA

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